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In a world where everyone is selling the golden formula for success,

I try to write the truth



About me

I have come to believe for years that it does not matter who says what. You have to listen to the word, check it and accept it after discovering the truth.

And the same is true for me. I am a writer who tries to look deeply into the simple issues that have become part of our belief and discover the truth and share it with my audience. 

I am Saman Faegh

Please do not believe my writings either. Read and check and accept them after discovering the truth.

About me

What is
Transformative bullshits?

At first glance, "My Transformative Bullshits" sounds like a series of books, but in reality it's the voice of a protest.

In a world where the medias are trying to train our minds to their liking, the "My Transformative Bullshits" series of books seeks to scrutinize seemingly very simple and obvious concepts.

This series of books tries to have an enlightening objection to the contents which have unfortunately been accepted by a large part of the society.

This is a kind of out-of-the-box thinking

Titles to be released soon

My transformative bullshits about

This book is in final editing and will be ready for publication soon.

This book is a serious critique of the book "Atomic Habits" written by Mr. James Clear and intends to study the subject of habit and its relationship with success from a scientific and logical point of view.

In this book, I will also introduce a method so that after encountering a variety of content, you can check its accuracy in a logical process.

book cover design.jpg
book cover design.jpg

My transformative bullshits about

This book is the result of an in-depth look at the subject of branding and will predict the future of branding.

The world is changing and the speed of this change is very high. Concepts that had the right meaning at the time of creation may no longer have the same meaning at another time. Branding is not far from this fact. Therefore, I will examine the issue of branding in the world to come.


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